A Social Media 'How To' for Retailers


“The social media frenzy—also known as consumer-generated media (CGM)—refers to content being created 24-hours a day online on blogs, message boards, social networks like Facebook and platforms like Twitter. CGM has come a long way from the early newsgroup days and continues to grow rapidly.”

The Fans Know Best


“In other words, in their efforts to set up brand communities, companies are missing out on a marketing tool with huge potential, particularly in this weak economy. At a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing programs, a well-designed brand community can be used to conduct market research with very quick turn-around; generate and test ideas for product innovations; deliver prompt and high-quality service to customers with a problem; strengthen the attachments that existing customers feel toward the brand; and increase good publicity through word-of-mouth.”

Why Twitter will soon become obsolete


“”Social networks” may be a popular buzzword these days, but the whole concept of the internet was based on social networking from the start — going all the way back to bulletin boards, email, and forums right up to today’s blogs, social networking sites, and, yes, Twitter.”

This. Is. Fact. I remember ten years ago pitching the Web as a great means for brands to build communities. As Jason points out in the article, the only difference is that the usability of the tools has become far better over time.

Whether Twitter (or Facebook, or YouTube) becomes obsolete over time is not important. The tools may change but the relationships built up with customers, prospects and employees should not.