The Return of Kebab Lenihan

Edit: As of about 11:30pm it appears that Mr. Lenihan has pulled out of attending this event.

This is John J.May. He has some issues with evolution. Conor Lenihan, Ireland’s Minister of State for Science is attending the launch of this gentleman’s book on Wednesday. You really couldn’t make it up.

“You will be shocked, mocked,amazed, dazed, confused, amused, enraged, engaged, but most of all thrilled and mentally fulfilled by the information you are about to read.” Find out more about this groundbreaking work here (warning, it’s one of those websites that plays music at you for no good reason).

Here’s one of Lenihan the younger’s previous finer moments.

More from It’s on Reddit and there are 84 comments on which is rather embarassing. Well done Conor.