Available Until December 13th

In the midst of the farce that was Ireland’s “is it a bailout, isn’t it a bailout, is it a contingency fund”, RTE got a few things wrong.

But they did broadcast this episode of Scannal last night, about Allied Irish Bank’s insurance subsidiary Insurance Corporation of Ireland which collapsed in 1985. The taxpayer paid to bail out Allied Irish Bank. As far as I can tell, the bailout payments that were levied finished in 2009.

The full version of the program is available here until December 13th. Highly recommended viewing.

Oh Look, Damn International Media Ignoring Government Spin. Again.

Just for posterity, here’s a screencap of the CNN international edition website from this morning. It’s good going for a great little country like Ireland to scoop both leads, no?


At the same time, the Financial Times seems to have noticed some of the more important news leaking its way out about not attempting any more bond auctions until after the budget.