US Gun Violence

Media treatment


Breaking News Consumer’s Handbook [PDF]On The Media. Useful cut out and keep guide.

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‘Harrowing video of WDBJ7 news crew shooting ignites debate about autoplay’, Mashable, 26/08/2015

‘A Murder On Live TV’, New Yorker, 26/05/2015

‘One map that puts America’s gun violence in perspective’, Vox, 11/06/2014

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”No Way To Prevent This’, Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens’, The Onion, 27/05/2014

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‘The Virginia shootings were an act of diabolical snuff journalism’,, 26/08/2015

‘The Va. shooter wanted Facebook to make him famous. Instead, it brought us closer to his victims.’, Washington Post, 27/08/ 2015


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