✩ Want You To Know: Sealions Across The Twitterverse

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Lots of learning today folks. Some straightforward lessons that you can put to work in your own projects immediately, some a little more oblique but certainly not at all less worthwhile learning.

Emoji does not have a plural in Japanese. The panda emoji – 🐼 – lives in the astral plane. Emoji are very complex and give browsers many headaches.

Wearing a stormtrooper mask when leaving court after you've been found guilty of assault may not be the best way to conceal your identity. It's a novel way, but probably not the best way. Also of passing interest, the Indo twice refers to 'Face Book' in this article, which is peculiar.

Don't put all your revenue eggs in one Google basket 'cos they might just forget they accidentally put you in the "bad pile" and crash your business entirely as a consequence of this oversight. This lesson is from an interview with Matt Haughey, founder of Metafilter and all around good egg.

"If Gwyneth Paltrow were your girlfriend, you would go out for brunch with her and Beyonce and Cameron Diaz, and Beyonce and Cameron would nod approvingly at you. “You’re good for her,” Cameron would say. “You tame her,” Beyonce would say, and you’d laugh and rest your hand on Gwyneth’s shoulder, and Gwyneth would smile, and outside a hundred ravens would take off in a cloud of black."

When pulling a marketing stunt like renaming your beer America in an appeal to patriotic values, maybe first reflect a little on the origins, sentiment and intent of the lyrics you're using. Or perhaps communism is now considered the height of patriotism in the US. This whole world has gone so topsy-trumpy-turvy recently it can be hard to tell.

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'2,200 Radical Political Posters Digitized: A New Archive'

Totally Confused

Typefaces of 2015, bad ham, catsoundboard.com, payday lenders banned by Google and kung fu motion visualisation.

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