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The quote in the subject line is from my new favourite podcast, Note To Self, which is all about the intersection of technology and humanity. How we’re grudgingly getting along with the machines we’ve appointed as our masters and all that.

The episode the quote refers to is Forget Edibles: Get High On Wearables, but go and subscribe and listen to all of them. They’re reasonably short and always fascinating.

Important Internet News

Despite being declared dead and buried a few weeks back, Boaty McBoatface was dug up, taken out the back and submerged. Now all we’re left is this really magnificent GIF.

If you’re looking for tips on how to write a statement that could only be described as scathing, try reading this one from Médecins Sans Frontières a few times before you crack open the word processor: ‘MSF to pull out of World Humanitarian Summit‘.

There are also a few very simple lessons on messaging in this short piece by Theo Beltram, former adviser to Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. Identify your talking points, then make sure all your speakers repeat them until they’re blue in the face. Some of it will inevitably stick.

To celebrate David Attenborough‘s 90th birthday, Ed Yong got to watch ALL his documentaries and rank them. This is the most jealous of someone else’s project I’ve probably ever been.

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Plot generator, a dense badger lie, eliminate raccoon dogs, jewellery and Bread. Cat. Arms.

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