Mom Rock?

Well, it was about getting to know that I had a bias about music. The bias was broken standing in line at Best Buy in my teacher-consultant clothes after working, looking like I don’t fit here with the long-haired, studded, metallic-looking kids who looked like they were going to be tough but were actually the kindest kids.

This really is the softest metal story ever.

Everybody was awesome to me, I was treated like a princess! The bouncer was not going to let me sign more than one thing, and then…Dave Mustaine? Am I right?

Yes, you are right.

He was like “Let her go.” And everyone in line took a picture of me with Dave. You gotta let that barrier down.

From, What Is ‘Mom Rock’? A Mother Responds. There’s a whole lot more discussion about what constitutes Mom Rock over on Metafilter.

One time, when I was home from college in the 70s, my white surburban mom took me aside and said she had to ask me something. She then took out a small notepad and said, I keeping hearing this song on the radio, and it has a part where the singer says (reading from the notepad) I’m never gonna give you up, cuz quittin’ just ain’t my stick. Did I know this song? I told her it sounded like the song she wanted was “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Barry White. She took down this information very carefully in her notebook. Much later she told me that she thought that Barry White’s voice was incredibly sexy, but she was alarmed by how overweight he was.