Cross platform applies to everybody, not just Microsoft. Cross platform channels. Platform agnosticism.


Don’t do this >> American Airlines gmail masking via Karen McGrane


Tools – if you really want to bootstrap and stick with free tools for monitoring and publishing, build yourself a meta-requirements list so you can hop from one service to the next i#f required. Nothing free lasts forever after all (Magnolia!)



Have a reasonably decent critical look at anything before doing it. Does it actually make sense?


> Facebook likes, Twitter retweets and so on are nonsense metrics, and you can disappear even further down the nonsense rabbit hole with rubbish like sentiment analysis, but this may be what your position requires. If your bosses want to use a rubbish metric to try and understand which half of their marketing / social media spend they mightn’t b e wasting, who are you to stop them.




Storytelling is all well and good, but …


Google translate is not a substitute for, you know, a professional translator. Google translate is a useful tool for giving you the gist i.e. a general idea. It should never be a part of your localisation strategy, unless you actually want to be laughed at.


Don’t be an ass on Twitter when dealing with customers or prospective customers i.e. everyone . It will spread, it always does. Notoriety is only useful to a very small number of brands. Yours probably is not one of those brands.


Timing is important. Thhink about your audience. What are they doing when you publish posts to online platforms? Are they at work? Are they on their lunch break? Are they asleep. Don’t publish anything at 4:22am, unless that’s your target audience.

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