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First, a #ShirtStorm update!

Serial. Serial Serial Serial.

It's the golden days of radio all over again and the salvation of the content 'industry' or something. Serial
I finally caught up with the long form This American Life-birthed podcast over the weekend. It's very well crafted and captivating. I'm hooked. Of course, I'm not the only one.

Before Serial was international news, Reddit was rapidly on the case. Reddit being Reddit, some people promptly set about attempting to doxx the characters in the story. The admins of the Reddit board attempted to stop this and seem to have been mostly successful. That was until the Daily Mail decided that it was in the public interest for it to do so after the latest episode. You stay classy, Daily Mail.

In other serious online content news, both The Onion and Funny Or Die are up for sale.

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Totally Confused

Bread, burgers, bros, bullets and just plain ol' bad.

Sportsing Video Corner: The Bad And The Good

The FIFA Files. Manuel Neuer

Finally, do you compulsively self-edit as you type? This tool will probably do one of two things for you: help solve this problem or drive you demented. You have been warned.


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