Weekend reading

A Review of the Droid X, Wr item Written on the D rod Droid X

“I am an Old and the Droid X makes me uneasy. Somehow I hVe have switched it to another typing mode in which it thrums gently each time I touch thw screen. It offered me a tutorial in this input method. Learn from your Droid. Learn the new ways.”

Warning: Your reality is out of date

“We recognize rapid change, whether it’s as simple as a fast-moving object or living with the knowledge that humans have walked on the moon. But anything short of large-scale rapid change is often ignored. This is the reason we continue to write the wrong year during the first days of January.”

Europeans Cast Critical Eye on Homeopathy

 “Homeopathy is a speculative, refuted concept,” he says — no one has yet proven that it has any medical benefit. “And there isn’t any need for any further research,” he says. “The issue is settled.”

Using Spin To Control Social Media

“to censor effectively has become prohibitively expensive. So governments turned to spin, building what I call the “Spinternet,” as a way of maintaining control over what is being discussed.”

Gene Weingarten column mentions Lady Gaga

“Fortunately, this new system enjoys the services of tens of thousands of fact-checking “citizen journalists” who write “comments.” They will read the Uzbekistan story and instantly alert everyone that BARACK OBAMA IS A LIEING PIECE OF CRAP.”

The Machine

“The good consumer never learns.”

Global Impositioning Systems

“neuroscientists are starting to uncover a two-way street: our brains determine how we navigate, but our navigational efforts also shape our brains. The experts are picking up some worrying signs about the changes that will occur as we grow accustomed to the brain-free navigation of the GPS era.” 

Real Bear Rescues Stuffed Bear From Humans