Tiny Tapes

If you’re of a certain age you’ll remember tape to tape recording, or vinyl to tape recording, or waiting by the radio to press record when the DJ played that song you’d heard before and hoped he’d play again. You amassed a hodge-podge collection of physical playlists on a motley selection of tapes of different lengths – C-60, C-90, sometimes the rare and mostly useless C-120. Making a mixtape was a serious business. It was curation before everybody became a curator.

The delightful Mixtapr recaptures the frowningly intense process of making a mixtape. Listening to the tracks, making sure they worked back to back, changing the running order to make sure it all just worked.

Here’s one I made earlier.


To my surprise 8tracks.com is still going, albeit in a somewhat reduced way for people outside the US & Canada because of licensing. Gotta keep up the efforts to region lock access if at all possible, because that’s the model of extracting rent the content owners understand. It now streams using YouTube.

Here’s one I made even earlier over there.

Well It’s A Start … from loughlin on 8tracks Radio.