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The good people of Kerry were scandalised, SCANDALISED by a piece of art last weekend. The scandaliser in chief turned out to be the Project Arts Centre, already in trouble with people who like to complain about things over a mural that people were talking about. Those who complained about the mural didn't like the tone of the conversation it had started or indeed the fact that the conversation was happening at all. After the complaints the mural was removed and this led to international media interest in the story. Reproductions and remixes of the mural appeared all over the country. The mural even assumed doughnut form. It is unclear at this time whether those who complained vociferously about the mural were aware of the Streisand Effect.

In the United States the Democratic National Convention went off well, although some of the newspapers managed to not put a picture of the woman who had made history by becoming the first female presidential candidate for either of the major parties on their front pages. Anyway, now that all the formalities are out of the way it's on with the head to head competition between the Republican and Democratic candidates. Or, as John Scalzi swearily but accurately puts it, between "normal versus highly fucking abnormal."

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'Transparent Lollipops Containing Galaxies and Famous Paintings'

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A reptile dysfunction, Foamhenge, emojillate, purple orb crab fight and tasteful slang for yer naughty bits.

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