Oh Look, Damn International Media Ignoring Government Spin. Again.

Just for posterity, here’s a screencap of the CNN international edition website from this morning. It’s good going for a great little country like Ireland to scoop both leads, no?


At the same time, the Financial Times seems to have noticed some of the more important news leaking its way out about not attempting any more bond auctions until after the budget.

"Topnotch Stuff as a General Rule"

I missed this news at the time. Iceland’s Best Party won six of the fifteen available council seats on Reykjavik’s City Council. Party leader Jón Gnarr is now the mayor of Reykjavik. 

“We stand for an honest approach and participation when it comes to governing the city. [Our support] is a reaction to politics and politicians who have been unwilling to stand up and admit they are responsible. [The elections] were a democratic protest against negligence.”

Some aspects of their platform are explained in the video below.



A profile of Jón Gnarr, from the New York Times.

Nobody saw this coming


Why do I not believe him?

He already postures as if he has Plausible Ignorance on his side. “very well capitalised”. He says that the Irish banking system doesn’t have exposure to subprime “US sector”. Da fundamentals are strong, no explanation of what these fundamentals might be. “Irish economy is greatly diversified”, yet again, say wha?

The “banking system has been a big beneficiary of that growth”. Repugnant and revealing.