So Today This Happened

Tony Benn passed away. The Twitter hive-mind reacts by repeatedly posting his “Five questions” quote. How many of these people actually intend to ask awkward questions of power? In addition, most media outlets lauded Benn for sticking to his principles and beliefs, as if this was surprisingly unusually.

It was simultaneously genuinely interesting to see the outpouring of fond memories that peoplke posted. The highs and lows of Twitter right there.

This also brought to my attention a story about Tony Benn I hadn’t heard before. The image below says all you need to know.

Meanwhile Enda Kenny is giving it loads in the US for St. Patrick’s Day. He encouraged all members of Congress to call him at any time, as Ireland is still The Best Small Country In The World To Do Business In.

Enda apparently added that he lets ‘his people’ (whoever they might be) ring him all the time. Unless they might be whistleblowers, someone on the radio cheekily points out.

Still in the US, a man was arrested in Los Angelese for offering to shoot someone in exchange for 100 retweets.

Back in Ireland, the Irish Times had an article by Morgan Kelly, which should have been titled ‘I warned yiz before and now I’m warnin’ yiz again’. To my surprise a few rueful commenters on Facebook expressed sentiments along the lines of ‘maybe we should listen to him this time’. How far we’ve fallen from those heady days of 2006, whilst still turning corners at a dizzying rate.