List of lists and stuff about the last decade which we all know isn't officially over until next year


1. The decade in culture []


2. The biggest disappointments of the ’00s []

COLIN FARRELL: In the past decade, was there anybody, with the possible exception of Sarah Palin, who was catapulted from total obscurity onto the covers of more magazines and who did less to back it up?

Probably a good thing nobody told Nerve about the Golden Kebab.



3. People who ruined the decade [Guardian]

VERNON KAY: Who needs talent when you have a regional accent?


DAVID SIMON: For ruining any TV drama that isn’t The Wire

At first, The Wire seemed like a cop show. Then it felt like a really good cop show. Then we realised we were watching David Simon pulling apart the very fabric of late American capitalism with a forensic, Dickensian masterpiece and pretty much everything we’ve watched since just seems a bit, well, unambitious


4. The ten most culturally poisonous films of the decade []

I’m delighted to say that The Ring is the only one of these films I have seen.


5. The evolution of the hipster []



6. Top 25 most overused words and phrases of the decade [The Frisky]

I’m going to try this throughout 2010 (from the comments).


… if someone really annoying is texting/talking/typing to you you can “LOL” them away. The LOL game is quite simple

Friend: So we went on this date and OMG it was amazing.
Me: Oh, cool, lol.
Friend: And then – insert stupid joke.
Me: lol
Friend: So what’s going on with you?
Me: lol
Friend: Are you paying attention
Me: lol

etc. Just make “LOL” your only response, and eventually they leave you alone.


7. The 50 funniest celebrity quotes of the 2000s [BuzzFeed]

Kanye West … oh, the humility of the man


I realize that my place and position in history is that I will go down as the voice of this generation, of this decade. I will be the loudest voice.


8. The decade in a chart [New York Times]


May add more to this tomorrow. Then again, I may not.