☆ Want You To Know: It’s Safe To Come Out Now

It’s Safe To Come Back Out Now

April Fool’s day has thankfully passed without any major casualties. Disappointingly The Onion still refuse to publish only actual news stories on April Fool’s day.

To celebrate surviving April Fool’s day, I recommend playing this highly topical and informative clicking game that will tell you everything you need to know about Bitcoin. Then have a giggle at this journo who was caught looking at dogs on the Internet when he should have been looking at footballers.

Many people have been in this meeting [YT], which is doing the rounds at the moment. People who have not been in that meeting may suspect that it’s an April Fool’s prank. It isn’t. It is horrifyingly accurate.

Keep Your Bible Close To Your Crest

Someone went on a crashing spree through whatever it is Trinity has decided to call itself and then proceeded up Dawson Street, with continued crashing all the while. There were inevitable rumours that the perpetrator may have been upset at the university’s decision to remove the bible from its crest as part of the rebranding. This has to be unlikely, but you can’t keep a good rumour down.

What was also notable was the difficulty some media outlets had in even roughly estimating how old the front gates of Trinity actually are. Hint: it’s not 1500 years.

Known Unknowns

A properly long read, ‘The Certainty Of Donald Rumsfeld from the New York Times. Part 1, 2, 3, 4.

For more long reads and different opinions, keep an eye on Buzzfeed Ideas which has only just launched but looks like it could be an interesting part of the Buzzfeed project.


The Matrix is 15 years old. I actually would have guessed it came out longer ago than that.

Gmail is 10 years old.

Totally Random, Food Edition

Kit-Kats you bake, burgers you smash, ranch dressing you can swim in, pizza for breakfast and general food eye-candy.

Bonus KitKat. (This one’s about Android, not chocolate.)

Today’s recommended version of David Bowie’s ‘Heroes / Helden’ is by Andrea Schroeder [YT].