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Government announces that a referendum on same-sex marriage will be held early next year. The bottom half of the Internet responds by ranting about the very real problem of people marrying horses.

Meanwhile, people had to be rescued from a genuine tunnel of goats situation in Tramore.

Eye Candy

Tables with lakes and rivers in 'em. Historical figures' letterheads. World War II fighter plane graveyard.


What the Internet of Things has been building towards. A tweeting couch. This is the future we have dreamed of, friends.

Schools in the US attempt to block Internet access, poorly. Turns out the kids have next to no problem in getting around the blockade. There's a non-surprise.

Steve Wozniak was so unimpressed by the Galaxy Gear that he sold it on eBay shortly after he bought it. Wearables shmearables, for now at least.

Yo, Hodor

Trolling has become so devalued these days that it's nice to occasionally see it being done well. Hats off to @SCOTUSBlog.

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Worth Pondering

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Real World Uber-Rich Update

Hundred dollar drawers, as no doubt worn by some participants in this billion-dollar divorce case.

Totally Confused

Trademarking doge, Doctor Zhivago in Russian, why mosquitoes bite you, a cycling sprint finish and a history of the Walkman.

Football Corner

Adgame of the day: kill some vintage Windows icons.

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