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Hello Commander Hadfield, for the past year and a half my 5-year-old son goes to bed worried, sometimes in tears. He is worried about the Voyager Interstellar spacecraft, the fact that it is out there all by itself. He wants it to come home to be safe. What do we tell him?

Chris Hadfield provides yet more evidence that he may be the nicest person on this planet.

In Hong Kong, polite is dangerous.


From the Department of Didn't See That Coming, Adaptive Path has been acquired by a bank

Those security breaches just keep on coming. JP Morgan Chase, the largest bank in the USA, has so far admitted that it hasn't found any evidence of "fraud involving the use of customer information". Which means either A) they're just making this up or B) they're even more incompetent than they'd like anyone to know. Time will tell and it's unlikely to be pleasant for end users. Doubt it will bother the bank too much overall though.

There will soon be a dedicated social network for every niche interest. In this case, stoners.

Facebook has rowed back on its real names policy, sort of. If Facebook actually thinks this policy will help reduce misogyny, racism and every other type of abuse then they're a teensy-weensy bit deluded. They obviously haven't looked at what their users are actually doing and saying on their platform, or off their platform using their Facebook IDs for that matter.

Eye Candy


A Beautiful Love Story Between Two Glitch Art Bots. It's so beautiful, I'm almost tearing up here.


Still pulling strokes. Nothing to see here, move along.

Worth Pondering


Totally Confused

A tour of a tiny house on wheels, mixed-up YouTube mashups, Internet animals, defining honey and Africa's loneliest monkey.

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