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Taylor Swift, winning the Internet, or Tumblr at least.

Play This Now

Gridland. It is Friday after all.

  • Want more games? Try Steam Curator Curator, "curating curation for those who don't know which curators they want to curate their games but want someone to curate those curators."
  • Twine 2 is now in beta.

Schadenfreude Klaxon

So Marc Andreessen has noticed that there are a lot of stupid start-ups floating around, doing not much that's of any use. Does sound very late 90s, doesn't it?

Finally, there are exceptions to all this. But if you're reading this, you're almost certainly not one. They are few and far between

Still Awful

Fox News, that is

Eye Candy


Crockery, cutlery and kitcheny things. Art + JavaScript = this.

Worth Pondering


Totally Confused

'Did he actually say that?', Dirtbag Zeus, animals on trial, a map of the introvert's heart, by an introvert and Ballmer bans iPads.

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Your weekly dose of Pocket lint.

'The Human Factor'. On Flight 447, automation and cockpit culture, 12,000 words, 41 minutes.

'How We End Up Marrying The Wrong People', 3,300 words, 11 minutes.

'The Troll Slayer', New Yorker profile of Mary Beard. 6,800 words, 23 minutes.

'Welcome to Colon, Magic Capital of the World', 3,700 words, 12 minutes

'15 Lessons From 15 Years Of Blogging', 1,200 words, 4 minutes.

Finally, look at this dog.

Bon weekend!

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