✩ Want You To Know: We Are All In This Together

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Unintentional comedy from an unlikely source today: Facebook may be close to launching an app for anonymous users. In which bizarro parallel universe would anyone trust Facebook to handle their anonymity?

From the frivolous but yet deadly serious lawsuits desk, how do you solve a problem like who owns How?


What happens when you combine the editorial sensibility of Upworthy with the world's most powerful corporations and filter it all through Vice's ad agency?

This. This is what happens. "We are all in this together" is the tagline. It's unclear who the we in this line refers to. Perhaps the megabrands?

Bitcoin. Still a bit wobbly.

Ello is over, now you need to be on Owdy. It has a manifesto!


Watch Anita Sarkeesian at XOXO talk about the tactics the whiny, angry man-babies of GamerGate use to discredit her and other women online. Heed her advice and never post anything on 4Chan, ever.

Twitter is suing the US Government to allow it tell the world how much snooping the US Government is doing.

Serious Eye Candy


Molly Crabapple illustrates daily life in Raqqa under Islamic State control.

Worth Pondering


Totally Confused

RocketSkates, artisanal pregnancy, daycare heroin, secure parking and copycat clowns.

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