✩ Want You To Know: Tripping Rebels In Your PS4

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Listen to this while marveling at these people discovering they're on the air when they really didn't intend or want to be.

Anyway, on with the show. The Oxford Dictionaries Word of the year is a pictograph or emoji. This made people angry because it was clearly selected to make people angry on the Internet. Applause all round.

Wild Speculation And Cock-Ups Special

After observing the now very short mandatory period of thoughtful solemnity and empathy following a terrorist attack, the wild speculation is in full swing.

Vice debunks the 'OMG terrists IN your Playstation 4' rumours.

The HuffPo theorises that the attackers might have been tripping.

The TVE channel in Spain attributed the Paris attacks to the Rebel Alliance.

A woman named Isis claims she's been blocked from logging in to Facebook.

More as we get them. Or not.

Worth Pondering


Eye Candy


'Ships Made of Concrete'

Totally Confused

Ben Carson doesn't know very much about foreign policy, Ben Carson doesn't know much about geography, Twitter censorship, why Rdio died and refugees are the worst.

Finally, Overstock.com is burying precious metals in a desert. Just because, you know, Armageddon is inevitable.

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