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Monday Monday

It's a Bank Holiday, so a few less links than usual

Firstly, dear reader, be not afraid, your 100 million pounds per annum of Sriracha sauce is secure.

In not-really-news, print editions of newspapers are still screwed. Amazing that more of them haven't sunk already.

12,000 people demanded their 'right to be forgotten' from Google in the first 24 hours of availabilty. That is a lot less than the amount of copyright takedown requests, mind you.

Larry Page, not surprisingly, has reservations.

Incidentally, have you ever heard of any of these companies? Me neither, but they know more about you than Google or Facebook.

Topical Ireland

As an unpleasant story emerges from Galway, 'Sex In A Cold Climate' is worth watching, but grim. It's a Channel 4 documentary about the Magdalene asylums in Ireland. Made and broadcast in the UK in 1998, it has never been officially been broadcast in Ireland.

Totally Confused

Design your own steamship, understand Beats, discover the worst waiter ever, find out where Psy is and some cats, obviously.

Football Corner

No quote today, but, deep breath, ahahahaha! Who, exactly, is surprised?

Please also enjoy this wonderful own goal by Nigeria.


Finally, 'Round up, holler girl'

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