✩ Want You To Know: The phone, the phone, the phone is on fire

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Amazon launches a phone. The phone connects seamlessly to all of Amazon's services. Also connects seamlessly to your wallet. Even the BBC are sceptical.

HTC shareholders wanted a free phone and all they got was a lousy thermos flask and some fruit juice. They were also a bit concerned about the 90% drop in the phone manufacturer's share price.

Dear Marc Andreessen, everyone's worried about you.

Furniture hacking is maybe OK, IKEA decides. File under brands not appreciating fans, entry # 17466.

Animated GIFs are now supported in a kind of piecemeal way by Twitter. Fortunately they don't autoplay.


Ireland Of The …

Ireland of the Ponzi schemes. Ireland of the representations.

Worth Pondering




Totally Confused

Record collections in pictures, spending in real time, shortest liveblog ever, Hilary Clinton stalked by squirrel and digital libraries in Ghana.

Football Corner

Thierry Henry is not impressed by Rio Ferdinand's punditing.

World Cup drinkies.

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