✩ Want You To Know: The Forms Are Too HARD

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Damn, it's December already. 'Best of 2015' lists are in full swing. If lists of books are your thing, here's the eighth annual Largehearted Boy big list of all the lists of books.

Spotify has a pretty presentation of some end of year figures which are mostly meaningless and firmly from the school of 'big figures are good'. It will also tell you what you've been listening to by season and present you with inexplicable pictures apparently connected to this.


You can look forward to a holiday season on Twitter marked by publishers posting more images than usual in an attempt to get to grips with what "we're introducing a richer photo experience on twitter.com" means for them. This will end when someone figures out how to reproduce longcat in three sequential tweets. Oh 2010, we were so young then! (Incidentally, when searching for "longcat joins Twitter" I got a lot of results for "Monica Lewinsky joins Twitter". I've no idea either.)

Not wanting to be considered second to Google in any sphere, Facebook has announced that it can abandon a whole load of half-baked unsupported projects too.

The Internet has replaced TV by becoming more like TV than TV itself.

If you really, really don't like a film and are asked to review it, you could learn a lot from this.

Worth Pondering


Eye Candy


'Top 25 News Photos of 2015'

Totally Confused

The McElvaney shuffle, the Sun making things up, pizza being made, close the Internet and Republicans holding dildos.

Finally, the title is a reference to politicians responding to last night's broadcast of an RTE investigation into standards in public office. The mood music emerging seemed to be that they wouldn't have failed to declare multiple commercial interests if the forms weren't just so damn hard to fill in.

Yours etc., @loughlin

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