✩ Want You To Know: Slooowww

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Today in virtual reality, Zuckerberg assures us that the Octopus Raft will be as cheap as possible. Since that really doesn’t mean anything, it must be a slow news day for tech babble.

Continuing with the slow news is better than no news theme, yesterday’s Tweetdeck outage may have been an ‘accident’, caused by an ‘experiment’.

Here’s the best trailer to come out of E3 so far. Dinosaurs and spaceships, together at last in a procedurally generated universe.

Amazon joins dozens of others in the music streaming business.


Worth Pondering


Hey Internet, Pivot On This

If PaperLater takes off, newspapers are going to be even more confused by the Internet than they are currently. I’ll be really amused. Find articles online, save them for later and have them printed up and delivered to your door a few days later. Slow news indeed.

Totally Confused

Dating professionals, wireless phone charging with your coffee, the law of unintended Uber consequences, 290 film noir reviews and a timelapse of a star exploding.

Football Corner

Well, today’s the day. Sao Paulo doesn’t seem particularly happy.

If you were in Thailand you could watch all the games for free, courtesy of the military junta. Presumably these elephants approve.

Speaking of Thailand, might be an idea to stop eating prawns that originate there. Just sayin’.

Game Of The Day

VVVVV, Make and Play Edition. Just go and download it now. It’s even available for Linux, so no excuses.


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