✩ Want You To Know: Putintin

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In case you missed it yesterday, 45 years ago …

Today in Mallory Ortberg updates, a great interview in Flavorwire.

Gamergate still refuses to just go away and grow up a bit.

Media Special. Read All About It!

Don’t trust the headlines. Don’t trust the charts. Don’t trust the ads.

If you get past that, your horribly flawed preconceptions are probably skewing your interpretation of the news anyway. Just can’t win.


Irish Water belatedly decides data quality and security might be worth taking seriously, looks to recruit a data protection manager. Stable doors come to mind.

Laser is no more. A sad day for film folk.

Worth Pondering


Eye Candy: It Burns


Totally Confused

Giant ice cubes, God is not a magician, why we gossip, cartoonish vagina butt and how to behave, modernly.

Finally, pet a virtual text-based cat. You’ll feel a whole lot better.


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