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Rather than going on about Twitter floating the idea of unleashing walls of text, or Facebook deliberately breaking its own app to make people anxious, or even the puddle in Newcastle, here are a few small things you might find useful or at the very least distracting from the drudgery of it all. As I'm currently doing that 'new year tidy up yer bookmarks thing' there could be several more of these collections to come …

Listen to music from the command line, sort of. Forget about your streaming players with their fancy interfaces and try cmd.to.

If you like watching postage stamp sized videos while getting other things done in your browser, the Sideplayer extension for Chrome is just what you've been waiting for.

Give yourself an atmospheric background with youarelistening.to, which mashes scanner streams from around the world together with ambienty music from Soundcloud and / or YouTube.

Maybe you're working on something that involves agonising over which would be the most appropriate font to use. Let professionals choose pleasing combinations of Google Web Fonts for you.

Make your own tunes with Soundtrap. It's the closest thing to a fully featured DAW in the cloud I've come across. Easy to tinker around with even if you're not familiar with this kind of thing.

Worth Pondering


Eye Candy

'Fifth Avenue Then And Now'

Totally Confused

Awkward adolescent tech, inventing Autotune, reincarnated microbus, design by tweet and 'beating' games.

Finally, here's a mix of my favourite cover versions from 2015. Contains One Direction.

Yours etc., @loughlin

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