✩ Want You To Know: Out Of The Corner Of Your Eye You Spot Him

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First, just watch this. "Shia LaBoeuf", live.

The Guardian is now bigger than the New York Times online. Not as big as Mail Online of course.

Public Wi-Fi networks are called public for a reason.

Susan Myers from Florida is this year's Tipper Gore. Does she think there is actual crystal meth in the bag? Anyway, her petition has been successful and Toys 'R' Us have removed the morally corrupting dolls.

If you've ever been to a technology conference, this will be achingly familiar. It's also side-splittingly funny.

Worth Pondering


Eye Candy, DIY Edition


DIY geometric masks

Totally Confused

Falsifying rock history, labels that might make people healthier, marriage changes messaging, Back To The Future realities, and this dog doesn't get out of bed for less than $15,000 a month.

Finally, a delightfully sweary take on GamerGate.

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