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There's now an app from Facebook to gather all your notifications in one place, which is of course just another way for Facebook to slither deeper into your mobile 'experience' and steal your precious interactions while you sleep. Surely this is a tacit admission that notifications are not at all working as intended and the apps on your phone or tablet have become like small children desperately competing for their parent's attention?

Edward Snowden has a few tips about reclaiming your privacy over on The Intercept. They're pretty useful for anyone who uses the Internet or doesn't live in a cave. The main problem, however, is that a lot of this stuff sounds difficult and possibly beyond the ability of an average user. Also, most people are happy enough to use the devices and apps they're given with the out-of-the-box settings. Currently, convenience trumps privacy.

I mixed together a few New Orleans cuts touched by the hand of the wonderful Allen Toussaint over on Mixcloud. Serve it loud with lots of bass if you can.

Remember that fictional Modigliani I mentioned yesterday? Better hope it's not a naughty one, because the rude bits are being censored on the real one that's in the news at the moment.

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Eye Candy


'1927: Ireland in color'

Totally Confused

Tearful Sandi Thom, homeopathic constitutional crisis, Roald Dahl James Bond, things in books and Prince was right.

Finally, YouTube Music is here.

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