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Nice piece on the re-emergence of email newsletters by Joanne McNeil. Yet again, Google is partly to blame.

Rebecca Greenfield, writing for Fast Company, traces the return of the internet newsletter to the death of Google Reader. A representative from TinyLetter told her that there was an uptick in users just as Google pulled the plug last year.

De Internet

Decent piece on truth, fiction and fabrication online. 4chan is mentioned, obviously, and Reddit is a "roiling human cesspool".

it suddenly feels quite plausible that half the web is just a grand experiment in the writing of fiction interspersed with news, jokes, and porn.

Despite roping in some top-notch designer talent, Google finds that wearing a computer on your face is still aesthetically problematic.

If you're getting tired of Google's increasingly rubbishy search results, here's another reason why you should give DuckDuckGo a try.

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Amazon Fire phone may be too magical. Jeff Bezos is clearly a bad wizard.

Architectural Eye Candy

The future is coming, and it's tall and pink.

Have a gawp at the 2014 RIBA Awards winners.

More From The Meatspace

Forget the sharks, here are 19 good reasons to avoid the beach. Scientists are such killjoys.

It's always the quiet ones. '18 things learned interviewing comedy writers'


The Irish Government decides to take another ill-informed tilt at the Internet. We all eagerly await Senator Healy Eames' contribution. [context]

Who is advising these people? Surely it couldn't be a case of doing something to be seen to be doing something?

Many Happy Returns

Purple Rain is thirty today.

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Worth Pondering


Totally Confused

Grenada or Granada, British Airways doesn't care, men saying stupid things in Playboy interviews, Gary Oldman apologising for saying stupid things in a Playboy interview, surreal ISIS infographics and no more tiger selfies.

Football Corner, Suarez-Free Zone

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