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The crew manning the Katie Hopkins Klaxon is still being kept busy. 78% of Mirror readers think she's gone too far. For Hopkins, that is presumably mission accomplished.

Inviting the Internet to 'meme' you is probably never a good idea, especially if you're Bill Cosby and you have multiple allegations of rape and sexual assault following you around.

I think that everybody sexts. Not everyone sends nude photos, of course, for a variety of reasons. But many people I’ve talked to define a sext as anything sent with sexual intent, be it a suggestive Gchat exchange, a racy photo, a suggestive Snapchat, or even those aqua-blue droplets of sweat emoji.

Everybody sexts

Worth Pondering


Eye Candy


Chuck Anderson

Totally Confused

Mayonnaise wars, 600 years of selfies, DogVaCay, vacation breasts and wacky world leader costumes.

Finally, from the 'it can't possibly be any good' desk, the Game of Thrones video game.

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