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It's time to say goodbye to one of Dublin's primary litter generating mechanisms. The Metro Herald will cease publication on Friday. Not the saviour of print journalism after all.

Various Internets

Keeping busy this Christmas season, Julian Assange is working on funding a lifesize statue of himself. A key pillar of Uber's expansion strategy is to crowdsource a mob of users as unpaid lobbyists, as well as using oodles of old-fashioned paid-for lobbyists of course. Mail Kimp remixed – this will make absolutely no sense if you haven't listened to at least one episode of Serial. Slate has a stab at listing the 25 best podcast episodes ever.

Design Corner

Responsive design explained in GIFs. A hexadecimal colour clock in your browser. Badass hexadecimal words in leetspeak. A whole film shot in portrait mode. Christmas experiments.

Eye Candy

The Long Road from Selma to Montgomery

Worth Pondering


Totally Confused

Frozen apology, button-pushing robots, spider sense, decade-specific songs and the chart of the year.

Finally, women are making men smoke. Is there no end to this misandry? 🙂

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