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Welcome to December! My attempt to remain ambivalent towards Christmas rather than grouchily disliking it was dealt a blow yesterday when the Spotify web player served up a selection of playlists with very punchable titles. Folksy Christmas! A Very Indie Christmas! Ugly Sweater Party! It may be a long December.

You can’t even be offensive on your way to being inoffensive

Anyway, Chris Rock did an interview with NYMag and it's really fantastic. On a similar theme


Britain is set to be the first country where more than half the total advertising spend goes to digital channels. And they said this Internet thing wouldn't last, eh? Wikipedia has piles of cash yet still wants more. Speaking of (crypto)cash, this snarky take on a BitCoin convention in Las Vegas is a fun read.

Eye Candy


2014 Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar

Worth Pondering


Christmas Corner

Inappropriate Santa. "A family claimed he told kids that he wasn't real, and then described the Sandy Hook massacre to them."

Number one on my Christmas list right now is this adorable crab robot.

Totally Confused

Screencap culture, breaking in jeans, generating journalism, Ryanair hell and the Cataquarium.

Finally, this Kickstarter. The rise of the concept hat has begun.

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