✩ Want You To Know: Green Is The Best Flavour


This is all wrong. Green is the best flavour. Or perhaps some of the purples. If you’re Twitter though, white is now the only available flavour for everybody using the Web interface. Lots of outrage about this on Twitter, naturally. So long as they leave Tweetdeck alone it doesn’t bother me too much, but I fear it’s only a matter of time before they get around to breaking that somehow.

Television has been relegated to second screen status by kids, or more accurately punishment screen status.

Mobile devices are so popular with kids that nearly half of the 800 parents quizzed by Miner & Co. reported that they confiscate their kids’ tablets when they act up and make them watch TV instead, thereby fostering a sort of Pavlovian response that equates TV with punishment.

Where the audience goes, the advertisers naturally follow. Since they and the publishers have managed to make reading articles online a wretched experience, the likelihood is that the same will happen to online video. Increased irritation ahead.

Ironically, newspaper publishers are stepping back from their recent eager forays into online broadcasting.

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Viewing The Earth From Above

Totally Confused

Robots buying drugs, banning hashtags, killing a Jeep, Silicon Valley mystics and AI versus racists.

Finally, a positive story about good people on Reddit.

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