✩ Want You To Know: Glass Rabbits, Frozen Flowers

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The Pope has taken time out of his busy celibate schedule to tell his flock that they don't have to breed like rabbits, but a punch in the nose for anyone who says anything out of line about your mother is just fine.

Remember Google+? It really doesn't seem to be very active. At all. I suppose Google has just got bored with it, as has happened with many previous Google products (see below, and below that again.)

Life among the disrupted. Life in Guantanamo Bay for a group of Cuban refugees who have been there for over half a century.

Eye Candy

Frozen flowers

Worth Pondering


Actually Useful

If you use Twitter a bit and at least occasionally click on links that people share then you should give Nuzzel a try. It collects and ranks all the links that people you follow share on Twitter. If that's not good enough for you, other features include –

  • See stories shared by your friends' friends. A bit like stalking strangers!
  • One-click retweeting to make others think you are erudite and have read all the things!
  • Connect to Pocket to save the stories to your procrastination list!

Totally Confused

Advertising in your car, no-go Paris, mall fish, fall in love and fall out of love.

Finally, no I didn't stay up to watch the State Of The Union address. Pretty sure Obama just said he's going to spend the next two years reading your email and laughing.

Yours etc., @loughlin

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