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It's tough out there in the Internet trenches. Here are some brief dispatches from the front.

The life and times of someone who admins a number of Facebook pages of perhaps questionable value to the world.

Online polls are ruining democracy, or at the very least changing it quite notably.

Can we fix it with GIFs?

Legend in reference to an artist is often overused, but it's absolutely appropriate to the late Allen Toussaint. This BBC documentary from the year after Hurricane Katrina gives a good overview of the scale of his quiet influence on twentieth century popular music. The Vice has a nice tribute with many links, all of which you should click on. I kicked off a recent mix with his stunning version of "St. James' Infirmary".

Worth Pondering


Eye Candy

'Tibetan Buddhists Gather for the Bliss Dharma Assembly', The Atlantic

Totally Confused

Skifall, dancing doge the first, dancing doge the second, a billion dollars for a form and a billion dollars in eight minutes.

Yours etc., @loughlin

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