✩ Want You To Know: “fewer matches than the Olympics”

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World Cup Fail Whale Fear at Twitter.

From the article

it consists of fewer matches than the Olympics

Does Fast Company understand how most Olympic events work? Sprinting matches? Javelin matches? Synchronised swimming matches?

In billing cock-up news, Vodafone told customers it had slurped money from their bank accounts when it actually hadn't. Whatever next .

"i have your guns. i took them and they are in my shed"


Facebook joins Google and Yahoo! in not honouring the self-explanatory browser setting do-not-track. Because if somebody else is doing it, that's good enough for Facebook.

Meanwhile, Path is in your inbox, deleting all ur messages. Interesting. Next up we'll have a social network that doesn't actually deliver any messages at all, just deletes 'em as you type.

Worth Pondering


Totally Confused

Bill Murray photobombing, dogs skydiving, camels predicting, Tetris sprinting and cat littering.

Football Corner

Most confusing opening ceremony ever.

Image via Mashable

Bored of the World Cup already? Try the World Cup of everything else (if you like statistics, lots of statistics).

Vanishing spray.

Game Of The Day

Grow your own neuron.

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