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Well done primates. The best thing to come out of humans landing a robot on a comet so far is this adorable video of Rosetta and Philae.


YouTube launches its paid music service. Amazingly, Ireland is one of the first countries it is being rolled out to. Twitter can silence obnoxious eejits if they want to, but is this the way they should go about it? Meanwhile, Twitter seems to have forgotten that they used to provide Google with their firehose and tweets showed up in Google real-time search results.

General techbros

The meritocratic glow of Silicon Valley is so frustrating. It creates a pass for people who use things like the "culture" filter. What's the culture filter? An easy excuse to be prejudiced. It's culture bias, like [not hiring someone] because they didn't like Animal Collective as much as you do? Seriously.

Race in Silicon Valley


Could we possibly see a new category of awards in games development, Best Glitches? Some of these from Assassin's Creed Unity are the stuff of nightmares.

Worth Pondering

Pedantry alert. This is not a selfie.


Eye Candy


Double exposures by Julia Fullerton Batten

Totally Confused

3D print yourself for love, a computer that writes folk music, the other side of Internet fame, women not as creepy as men and Orwellian

Finally, vote for Steph Roche in FIFA's Puskas awards if you're so inclined. A nation once again!

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