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Well done yet again, humans. "The minimum count is 5.25 trillion plastic particles littering the seas"

How long has it been since the last great brand cock-up on social media? A week? Two? Step forward and take a bow, Best Buy, for upholding this noble tradition. Serial has been a phenomenon for at least four or five weeks now, so they must have carefully considered piggybacking on the podcast's popularity before tweeting this. Which is worse than just blaming an overenthusiastic intern.

"Recognising games as cultural products would untie the red-tape which unfairly prevents EU member state governments from supporting their national video game sectors," said Dr Richard Wilson, CEO of Tiga.

Getting traction for this in the near future might be difficult after the unflattering year for games culture GamerGate has delivered.

Slate does a bit of digging and discovers that the big brothers of GamerGaters are dominating Wikipedia

According to Buzzfeed it is #ChristmasJumperDay. What you do with this information depends entirely on your feelings about Christmas jumpers.

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2014: The Year In Photos, September- December

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Colbert as Legolas, Comfyballs, an imaginary Dublin, the pineapple express and teenagers really cannot spell cologne.

Finally, Man Blames Dog After Grenade Found in Shoebox

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