✩ Want You To Know: Breakfast Octopus

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Yes, the breakfast octopus. Yet more evidence that Jeff Bezos is, as I said yesterday, some kind of bad wizard.

Today's Technobabble

Google I/O introduced, gasp, wearable tech, lots of Androidy things and an unspecified amount of vapourware. Catch up on it pretty much anywhere.

Wired | The Verge | Engadget | Ars Technica | The Next Web | 9to5Google

Does anyone remember 2009's I/O? Google Wave, we hardly knew ya.

Moving on, here's a great piece on a new type of webcam voyeurism. Whatever you do, don't compromise the essential eagleness of the eagles.

Martin Scorsese on the art of silence

Eye Candy

Neverlands: The Enchanting Destinations Of 11 Fantasy Epics. Yes, Middle Earth / New Zealand is number one. Yes, Westeros / Northern Ireland is in there.

[Horslips5, via Flickr]

Worth Pondering


Totally Confused

Build your own virtual reality viewer, trapped by cats, extreme jumping cat, the importance of pausing, and Peeping tom drones.

♫ Todays tune is 'Bamboo' by Deers

Football Corner


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