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At first it seemed as if Lenovo was just being slightly overbearing in their wish to illicitly love their customers up with ads. I’m sure you could even find somebody to defend that, and a few people who’d be willing to say they liked the ads, thankyouverymuch. Then it turned out to be a lot worse than that.

If ,like most sane people, you would prefer not to be quickly identified by conversational partners as a creepy rando, Lily Benson has some solid advice for you.

Miki Berenyi: I went there once. I got drinks ponced off me all night and got bored senseless by a bloke on speed talking about tennis. Then Everett True knocked a table of drinks over and lay on the floor sobbing. Fuzz from Silverfish and I tried to get him a cab home, but every time one came along Everett would spring up off the pavement and start staggering all over the place screaming that he was going to throw up, at which point the taxi would swiftly drive away. Fuzz and I threatened to smash his head into the pavement so we could legitimately call an ambulance, at which point Everett got obediently into the next cab.

Showing my age and niche musical interests here, but this oral history of Shoegaze is fantastic.

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My Giant Illuminated Mushrooms Brighten Up Every Place They Go

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Buried car, brand babblers, future YouTube, canned emails and don’t read the comments.

Finally, what does my GP do all day?

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