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First things first. Start listening to this three hour retrospective of Chris Morris radio bits and pieces.

Bill Cosby, who knew? Tina Fey probably did.

Get ready for the season of New Year's resolutions early. Electroshock yourself to a
better you with this not-at-all-disturbing device.

Paddington’s story is that of the modern migrant. He is in many ways typical of my clients. This is more than a mere subtext to the film and it is, I hope, instructive to consider his tale from a legal perspective.

An immigration lawyer reviews Paddington.

Argentinian seagulls losing the run of themselves. Context.


Today in pointless headline seeking studies, 'The Global Geography of Internet Addiction'. None of the people surveyed come even close to actually living inside the Internet.


Eye Candy


Shark Cats

Worth Pondering


Totally Confused

Typography in Alien, Uberfacts still lies, winning the breakup, Whisper party and Internet Party USA.

Finally, Gene Simmons of Kiss fame was in the Dail yesterday.

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