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Last call for letters to Santa.

The Internet's still pretty awful today, and still resistant to attempts to rein it in.

If there's any positive outcome from all of this, it's the brute-force reminder that we're all vulnerable in ways we don't even realize. The best we can do—the deeply imperfect solution we're left with—is to be aware of what we say at all times.

It's the mundane things in the Sony hack

Citizen journalism was one of the great dreams of the mid-2000s internet. Just as blogs had given anyone with an internet connection and a keyboard a platform, media companies like AOL and CNN hoped that cell phones and high-speed internet would transform an army of private citizens and online hobbyists into freelance, oftentimes pro bono writers, videographers, and reporters.

The frankly scary rise of the online vigilante

Only Facebook’s ill-advised intentional manipulation of users’ emotions could top the academic excitement generated in 2014 by an otherwise dry study that happened to catch fire thanks to a very snarky author comment.

“Should we cite the crappy Gabor paper here?”

Eye Candy


Rollergirls and skateboarders

Worth Pondering


Totally Confused

Inside an octopus' mind, building a network using your customers, grotesquely violent Shakespeare, atheist discrimination and how to ask for a discount.

Finally, 'Why James Cameron’s Aliens is the best movie about technology'.

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