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Aaaand we're back, though a bit later than anticipated. Silly season is over, the Dail is back in session and those who wished to have removed the U2 album from their iDevices.

To get back into the swing of things, here's a big ol' bunch of links in alphabetical order from the last few months. Contains more animals than usual for some reason.

Some thematic order will hopefully be restored over the next while 🙂

A Dark Room

Vintage text gaming, in your browser.


The inner life of cows.


The peculiar rise and fall of Dogecoin, "a dog on a f#$!ing coin".

Downing Street

Uncooperative Saltire.


Every single animal that became extinct in the last century.

Fish …

play Street Fighter II: Turbo Fighting. Lots of people watched it when it was live, apparently. People are still reassuringly strange.


GIF dance party.

Hum Hum Beep

12 hours of the ambient noise in Deckard's apartment in Blade Runner. If that's not enough hums and beeps, there's a whole playlist.




Jean-Claude Van Dance


Kern Your Enthusiasm

More typefaces than you could shake a Letraset at, or something.

A highlight is Jessamyn West on Comic Sans.

Losing The Run Of Themselves

Yes, the seagulls in Dublin briefly became a terrifying public menace in one public representative's mind.


image Linda Kavanagh

Here's What Every Trendy Restaurant Menu Looks Like.

Nineteen Seventies

Footballers at home. Beehives. Sideburns. Sadly only one picture is in glorious seventies luricolour.


Online Dating Ipsum

At least once a day please post your real pictures other shenanigans is pretty awesome. My lovingly curated list of ipsums.

Padlock Pedantry



Oranges are not going to be able to see my tweets

Predictive text on steroids appears on the latest iPhones. Confusion ensues.

Recipe Blog Comments

“Due to dietary restrictions, I am only able to eat Yatzhee dice. I made the necessary substitutions, and it turned out great.”

If you haven't read everything Mallory Ortberg has written on the Toast, go and sort that out immediately.


Jonathan Franzen thinks it's a perfectly cromulent word.

Tokyo Hero

“When I first began, people basically said, ‘Get away from me, you weirdo’,” he recalled.


Who is U2? Who is U2?


Acapella tracks on Soundcloud. If you're interested, here's one way to do it.

Warren G. Harding

Presidential proto-sexting.


"a link blog come gloriously to life". A far cry from Bono-approved smugfests in the RDS. Just sayin'.


FIFA Edition.

Zoe Quinn

5 Things I Learned As The Internet's Most Hated Person. What Being Targeted By Every Troll In The World Feels Like.

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