✩ Want You To Know: Actually, It’s About Ethics In Design

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Google has, or at least had, a design ethicist. Who is, or at least was, also a magician.

It's all about hijacking. And distracting. The attention economy

Pecking at screens looking for insight under glass in apps may not be the future for us though. If it isn't then Marco Arment thinks Apple may be in trouble.

ProPublica is running a series on the way technology is shaping our lives, often in completely unseen ways. This instalment about racist bias in police risk assessment systems makes for pretty grim reading. Someone made the algorithm. It is not neutral. That's not an excuse to hide behind.

Worth Pondering


Eye Candy


'Behind the Scenes of Alien'

Totally Confused

Camera traps, hallucinogens for your ears, an accidental meme, the Internet's favourite book and 'Kill the Wabbit'.

Finally, Ruth and Martin's Album Club is a must-read for me every week and last Friday's edition in which some bloke called Iain Lee listens to Yo La Tengo's I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One is particularly good. It's worth reading if you love, hate or have never heard of Yo La Tengo.

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