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Moot steps down as administrator of 4chan after 11.5 years. If this news doesn't really matter much to you then you haven't encountered 4chan and are probably a much better person for that.

Scaling Kim Kardashian's back-end, hur hur (don't worry, it's about engineering, not arses.)

Al-Jazeera has a great webcomic about privacy in the era of Big Data called 'Terms Of Service'. Read it and be even more afraid of what your friendly data-guzzling service provider knows about you.

In the real world child vaccination opponents attract other vaccine opponents and they like to live close to each other to bolster their efforts to defeat herd immunity and create their very own epidemics.

In Ireland the wording for the marriage equality referendum was announced. The shrill debates have already begun. Suzy Byrne has the only take on it worth reading, so you should do that.

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The Streamus extension for Chrome is an in-browser streaming music player that pulls tracks from YouTube. It allows you build and share your own playlists, has a radio mode which picks the next track for those of you just too lazy to do that yourselves and is quite brilliant for a thing that is free. Go get it.

Totally Confused

Taking apart a Rolex, spoken Wikipedia, Bjork interviewed, important crime news and spam subject lines.

Finally, "this is a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats."

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