☆ Want You To Know: Sussudio

Wazzupp Internet?

Doctors and trolls are doing battle in the depths of the Internet. At the moment it seems the trolls are winning. Perhaps the doctors would have more success if they built a new Twitter and let the trolls frolic there. The US government tried something similar with 'Cuban Twitter'. Zun-Zun-Zuneo (to be sung to the tune of 'Sussudio' by Phil Collins).

USAID, in trying to harass the Cuban government, wound up financially supporting it. As the world has learned in the past year, you can’t talk about freedom of expression online without talking about the integrity of the infrastructure that channels that expression. Over the past year, Americans have learned how much of our own Internet infrastructure is compromised.

/b/ have apparently launched an attack on the World Cup. Seems to be as aimless as many of /b/'s recent projects.

Twitter employees are certainly loyal and know how to get the brand out there no matter what the situation. Claire Diaz-Otiz live-tweeted the birth of her daughter yesterday. Above and beyond the call of duty folks.

Regarding Ireland

Mmmm, Eye Candy

Tetris on a skyscraper. Yellow sticky notes | Canadian Anijam, a collaborative animation

Shakespeare plays as three panel comics.

Totally Confused

Whale poop, #riotselfie, swearing as a foreign language , Sherlock Holmes and Intelligent Design and tour the British Isles in accents.

Today's cover version of David Bowie's 'Heroes / Helden' is by Janelle Monae