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UK Politics Roundup

Should you change your password? Or should you wait? Or should you not bother? Exactly how long should you wait? Who should you tell about your new password? Should you use your Yahoo! email to tell people you have or haven't changed your password?

Other Internet (And Ting)

Dropbox announces it has 275 million users, a $10bn valuation and almost 700 employees. There's also an Android version of Mailbox available with a desktop version on the way. Surely they must be considering becoming evil sometime soon? They've achieved the required scale.

Silicon Valley start-up sexism on Secret.

In The Year 2121, Or Thereabouts

What we will all be reading by firelight in our caves while sheltering from the drone swarms. Which will be controlled by furiously nodding Octopus Raft-wearing robots.

Definitely Worth Pondering

Totally Confused, Video Edition

James Of Thrones, Werner Herzog on chickens, 'Requiem For A Studio Guitar Player, 'Like A Rolling Sex Machine', and an invisible car

Today's worst attempt at being controversial.

Song for the day is 'Uptown Top Ranking' by Anthea and Donna, as obliquely referenced a bit above.