✩Want You To Know: Sharks!

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It Was Briefly Summer In Ireland

The sharks were basking in Cork, jumping elsewhere, and not on camera in this scene from 'Jaws' (starts @ 6:54)

The Mister Taytos meanwhile …


Exclamation marks are on the march! Resistance is futile! Abandon all hope!

You Got A Pretty Face, Baby

The NSA certainly thinks so.

Of course, there's nothing to be worried about, citizen. Let this put you at ease. They are just

taking a full-arsenal approach that digitally exploits the clues a target leaves behind in their regular activities on the net to compile biographic and biometric information" to "implement precision targeting."

Congratulations to everyone for taking all those selfies and making this full-arsenal approach so much easier for them.

Snowden: The (inevitable) Movie.

More Internet And Such

Read How To Get Girls Into Coding. It's one of the best pieces on this topic I've seen recently, and anything that can reduce the influence of brogrammers has to be a good thing.

Meanwhile, are newsrooms showing the stirrings of some sort of growth of conscience? Or are they just scared of a lawsuit? You decide!

There is a fear amongst rights managers in newsrooms that a legal case
could seriously impact the use of UGC by news organisations in the future

You'd almost think lifting stories, images and other media from the Internet and using them uncredited was something relatively new to media outlets, wouldn't you?

There's a bit more here.

Should you ever get lost on the Internet, here are forty maps that relate to the Internet but will probably be of no use at all. I recommend using your browser's back button.

Worth Pondering


Totally Confused, Things To Do Before You Die Edition

Gender switch your name, play piano in the East River, write better release notes, sue Uruguay and be part of a collaborative Twitter poem.

Football Corner

Today's quote is the classic, from Bill Shankly.


Can't hooligan if you can't travel.

Decent Number One Slot

'Spirit In The Sky' by Doctor And The Medics was number one on this day in 1986. This was a cover version of a Norman Greenbaum track. Here's another version of the song by Bauhaus. (Well, that was convoluted.)

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