✩ Want You To Know: Xisation

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I believe this is what the kids these days would call a localisation fail, Twitter.

Have a plagiarisation problem? Try taking the offending website down. NB, it may be easier to do this if you are a government minister.

See also: Pal Schmitt and Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg.

Some Miscellaneous Technology

World's first braille phone announced.

Glasshole preventive measures begin to appear. There is always the old-fashioned threat of physical violence, of course.

Perhaps to combat this, Google will deploy a 'fleet of satellites'.

Pro Gaming

Nobody expects the sneak booth attack.

Gangnam style

Look at what we could have done if it wasn't for Psy.

#Worth Pondering



Totally Confused

Why not treat yourself to a World War II tank; savour an insect sting; make your own Pixar film; try and open an Irish pub in a location that doesn't already have one or get married on a rickety pier?

Football Corner

Today's quote is from Phil Woosnam.


Soccer brought Bill Clinton seven years of bad luck. Eight workers have died during construction for the World Cup

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